This is a special week over at This is a milestone Challenge  #200 and to celebrate, they have increased the number of prizes!!!  If you have never played here, now is a good time to start. 

I love embossing and coloring on vellum.  I used chalk to color the cherry blossoms.  Please remember to wear a mask when working with chalks.  The lavendar pearls are from  They make their own bling and it is not as costly as some other brands.

I have a friend who makes wonderful cards but she has not joined any of the social communities and is afraid to submit her work…she doesn’t think its “good enough”.   I started this blog to encourage novice cardmarkeers, like me, to get out there and share your cards and learn from others.

A Note To My Novice Friends!

If there are any “lurkers” out there reading my blog, please start submitting your work!  I am still in shock because I was recently asked to be a guest designer on my favorite challenge site…I still can’t believe it.  I thank my daughter everyday for encouraging me to start joining these communities and posting my work.

I think we all have that little competitive spirit in us that says” Oh, it would be so nice if I could win one of those challenges”, and in all likelyhood one of these days we will.  But right now we are “novices” and every card is a lesson.  Every card improves your skills.  Right now, I just focus on trying to complete all the challenges.   Every challenge is an opportunity!!!  Be well, Chana!

About Chana Malkah

I am a "bubbie" (translation: grandmother), clinical supervisor(pediatrics) and an avid cardmaker. I enjoy making stationery sets and giving them to family and friends. This blog is for those who are just starting to explore cardmaking and other papercrafting. I have been away from cardmaking for about five years and was astounded by all the exciting changes in the craft. When I started stamping back in 1998, I only worked with wood mounted rubber stamps, metal stencils, markers and embossing powders and ink. Now there is a whole world out there and I hope we can explore together. In just eleven short months, I have gone from being afraid of posting my being invited to join two design teams and waiting to hear from two more! Pursue your Passion!
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