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The concept of the challenge is a little different than most challenge blogs.  I think it will be fun for designers of all skill levels and in all disciplines.

Stop by and check it out!  Your winning design allows you to choose the contents of the a future mystery box.

Here are some deets:

   Mystery Box Challenge #1

 Create a design using ALL of the items in our Mystery Box.

(Click on the Mystery Box to be taken to the Challenge)


The Mystery Box Contents for DECEMBER 8 – DECEMBER 21, 2012


How It Works

(1) We will not have a permanent Design Team, instead,  3 designers will be chosen from each challenge and will be invited to create the inspiration projects for the next challenge.

(2)  Designers chosen to for the DT will be given the opportunity to determine the contents of upcoming Mystery Boxes.

(3)  All Mystery box items must be used. When colors are specified, they must be prominent in the design.

There will be no prizes awarded and we will have no sponsors.  Designers may use any artist.

This challenge is all about design and about thinking and stepping outside of our comfort zones.

Some Mystery Boxes may require rubber stamps as opposed to digital Images and vice versa.

The Mystery Box Contents will be very generic.  Hopefully, most of the  items are already languishing in your craft room just waiting to be used.  We are not enablers!  (HA!)

Good Luck!


Chana Malkah Harris,


About Chana Malkah

I am a "bubbie" (translation: grandmother), clinical supervisor(pediatrics) and an avid cardmaker. I enjoy making stationery sets and giving them to family and friends. This blog is for those who are just starting to explore cardmaking and other papercrafting. I have been away from cardmaking for about five years and was astounded by all the exciting changes in the craft. When I started stamping back in 1998, I only worked with wood mounted rubber stamps, metal stencils, markers and embossing powders and ink. Now there is a whole world out there and I hope we can explore together. In just eleven short months, I have gone from being afraid of posting my work...to being invited to join two design teams and waiting to hear from two more! Pursue your Passion!
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  1. scrapunzel1 says:

    I hope you decided to retire! LOL Girl, what are you thinking taking on even more??? I love the concept of it though! I’m swamped until after the first of the year & I’ll write you & let you know what is going on if you want to know. But after that I am game on! 🙂 Sounds like fun! Good Luck with this!!!

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