Just Because – Outlawz Challenge

This should have been posted on Monday.  Actually, I have two more images to post here.  Will get them up one day at a time!  This was for the Outlawz Greetings Challenge – Just Because Day.   I get lots of Just Because gifts from my DH!  My favorites are when he comes home from the grocery store and brings my favorite fruit or Ice Cream.  He always says, ” I got this just because I know you like it and you haven’t had it for a while.”  Once he purchased two diamond  rings just because I couldn’t make up my mind.  Yea, Just Because gifts are my favorites

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About Chana Malkah

I am a "bubbie" (translation: grandmother), clinical supervisor(pediatrics) and an avid cardmaker. I enjoy making stationery sets and giving them to family and friends. This blog is for those who are just starting to explore cardmaking and other papercrafting. I have been away from cardmaking for about five years and was astounded by all the exciting changes in the craft. When I started stamping back in 1998, I only worked with wood mounted rubber stamps, metal stencils, markers and embossing powders and ink. Now there is a whole world out there and I hope we can explore together. In just eleven short months, I have gone from being afraid of posting my work...to being invited to join two design teams and waiting to hear from two more! Pursue your Passion!
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2 Responses to Just Because – Outlawz Challenge

  1. Susan says:

    Cute card..your DH sounds wonderful!!!

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